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I have added pages devoted to Gun Holsters , Knives &Knife Sheaths ,

& Gunstock Carving . I am working on a page of instruments for sale, some old, some new, some VERY interesting. Please be sure to check back as this area will be constantly changed & updated as new content becomes available. Underlined Blue text indicates a clickable link.


New Customers added to the Famous (and some not so famous) Page

I've just finished new orders for Banjo Teacher .com ,  OME Banjo Company , Hatfield Banjo Company ,  Banjo.com, Stelling Banjo Works, & Sonny Osborne Banjo Co. Please contact these dealers for their respective Dogwood Design strap offerings.


Special Note: I've added a LOT of content to the website, so when you see this or icons, it indicates either all new or updated content. Many Famous Customers have been added as well as many being updated


I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce Josh Penland from Asheville, North Carolina. Josh is interested in playing the banjo (Earl Scruggs standard) and leather work. I have been passing along some tips to help him progress with his leather skills. He has been helping me out at festivals for the last two years at such festivals as Merlefest, Bluegrass First Class, Red, white, & Bluegrass & Boxcar Pinion Memorial Bluegrass Festival.



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We specialize in banjo straps

Dogwood Designs specializes in custom made, quality instrument straps and other hand made tooled items of interest to musicians and fans of bluegrass music.

Our instrument straps are made from the finest oak tanned tooling leather available and embossed with a variety of designs. In addition to the regular designs such as basket weave, oak leaves, and blackberry blossom, we can do custom designs. We also have hundreds of custom made tooling designs ready to choose from. Whether your strap is for a guitar, banjo, dobro or mandolin, we can design a strap that is right for you. We can even personalize it for you by tooling it with your name or whatever you desire.

We are proud to have made straps for some of the brightest and best bluegrass artists in the world today. See the famous customers link for an incomplete but ever expanding list.

We supply some of the finest manufacturers and retail outlets in the United States. Please see our dealer link to see where you may purchase ready made Dogwood Designs straps. 

 We do sell direct & welcome the opportunity to discuss your special needs. Check our product information page for more details.





"May I always be the kind of person my dogs thinks I am"




***  Update Status  ***


In addition to the normal straps, belts, buckles, & other items of interest to bluegrass & music fans & pickers, I also do a variety of other leather work. Lately, I have been doing a fair amount of gun holsters and knife sheaths. To check out some examples of these items, click Here.

Check out the Dogwood Designs facebook page @





Hot Flash: I am now accepting credit card orders due to the incredible technology of the Square reader for the iPhone.  It would probably be best to order by phone if using a card but you're welcome to still send your order in via snail mail. The info I need is: card number, expiration date, ccv security number, & billing zip code. The BEST time to reach me by phone is 8:00-10:00 am or 8:00 - 10:00 pm Eastern time. If I'm in the shop working, many times I don't hear the phone but if you leave a message, I'll get back to you.

 Mandolin Straps: I have developed a new style mandolin strap which is, by far, the easiest strap to attach & remove from an F Style mandolin. I was talking with Rhonda Vincent and she expressed a desire for a strap she could easily remove on stage after a set without messing up her hair. At any rate, after much thought, I came up with this new design. Currently, professionals who have and/or are using this strap include Sam Bush (2), Bobby Osborne, Doyle Lawson (2), Emery Lester (2), Jeff Parker (Dailey & Vincent), Sierra Hull, Ricky Skaggs, & Darren Nicholson (Balsam Range). Leathers used run the gamut from  veg tanned Latigo to the more exotic like elk lined buffalo, deerskin, moose, and many others. Give me a call to discuss your particular needs. I'll get some photos up soon.


  NEW Pickin' Strap: I have been making a new style strap for some time now called The Pickin' Strap. Basically, it is 2" wide instead of 1 1/2" and tapers down on the ends to the standard banjo ends which are attached to the body of the strap. It is available in both adjustable & professional, fixed length, banjo straps, as well as guitar straps. Banjo.com ( www.banjo.com ) has been helping me perfect the design and have been selling them since 2012. It has been very well received by those who feel they need a little more width or support for their heavy banjos. The price for either style is $109.95.  with stitched ends $119.95As usual, a wide variety of tooling designs and even special leathers are available at additional cost. To see some examples of The Pickin' Strap,

click HERE

Some links are active. Click on the ones below that interest you. Currently, we have updated Dealer Info, Catalog Request, Famous Customers,  Special Projects / Designs / Custom Orders & New Instruments. Product Info is being added  also.

Famous (& some not so famous) Customers

I am extremely proud of my association with so many legendary performers as well as some who will undoubtedly become legendary in the future. The list is much longer than what is included here. I am constantly adding new people as they contact me for straps. With so many talented people, their placement on the list in no way suggests their talent, fame, or other criteria. Frequently, it takes me quite a while to add photos since it is sometimes several months before I get a photo of them with the strap.


Photos of custom straps and other items I make along with some more unusual stuff. I am frequently asked, "What can you put on a strap ?" or, "What kind of leather can you use ?" Perhaps the photos in this gallery can help answer those questions as well as give you an idea for your own unique creation.

This is a hair-on Whitetail Deer guitar strap lined with premium golden elk skin. The ends are oak tanned tooling leather in a cordovan finish. The small deer on the tip is hand carved & tooled. The body of the strap is 2" wide while the tips are standard guitar 1 3/4" wide.



Standard Banjo Strap Designs & Styles


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Special Projects / Designs / Custom Orders

Famous (& some not so famous) Customers

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