Gunstock Carving

In addition to leather carving & tooling, I do a limited amount of wood work and carving. Here are a few examples.

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This is a Henry Arms "Mares Leg" lever action repeating rifle. It is a .22 caliber based on Steve McQueen's .45 caliber gun in the old Wanted Dead or Alive TV series. Henry also makes this available in .45 Long Colt, 44 Magnum, & 357 Magnum. A similar gun is made by Rossi firearms in essentially the same calibers.

The Black Walnut abbreviated stock, grip, & fore end are carved with a squirrel and oak leaf pattern. I also carried the design over to the leather scabbard and bandolier. It is made to wear over your shoulder hanging on the left side for a right handed crossdraw due to the length.


This is a carved rifle with an Indian Motorcycle motif. The Black Walnut  buttstock has the iconic Chiefs Head which was a common gas tank design. The hand grips have eagle feathers and the forearm has the "Indian" script with an arrow passing through. The bottom forearm tip has a buffalo skull while the grip cap has a more modern Indian head logo.

More information on the matching knife can be found on the Knives & Sheaths page.

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