Gun Holsters & Knife Sheaths

I have made gun holsters & knife sheaths for years. Probably due to the current "gun hysteria", I have been contacted by several people wanting regular or concealed carry holsters, some tooled and some rather plain. Some examples are pictured below. Click on separate links for some examples of Knives & Sheaths and Gunstock Carving

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Pictured above is a Smith & Wesson M500 and a North American Arms mini-revolver.


This holster is for a Ruger LCP .380 automatic pistol with a Crimson Trace laser. It is made from black sharkskin lined with black elk skin. The spring clip on the back makes for easy off, easy on. It is a great back pocket holster. Click on any thumbnail for a larger view


These holsters are for a Colt 1911 .45 ACP  or similar 1911 style (Kimber, Springfield, Sig Sauer, etc.) these are made from Hornback Croc-o-Gator lined with elk skin. Clip or belt loop attachment.


These are also for the 1911 style pistols in basketweave, all lined with deer or elk skin


These are for the popular North American Arms Mini Revolver, Mini Master, Black Widow, etc. Also pictured are a couple for a double-barreled derringer. Many of these are form fitted and are typically carried in a front pant pocket.


Big Holster for a big gun, the Smith & Wesson Model 500 Revolver. Hand tooled and lined with elk skin and deer tanned chap leather. Not exactly a concealed carry rig!


These are for the short barrel S&W Model 500. I did a multi color dye job, basketweave, tooled emblem with some solid brass spots for a little "old west" flavor.



This is a set I made years ago for a Smith & Wesson .22 kit gun and a S&W bowie knife. The face of the holster & sheath is hair-on calf skin. The holster is lined with sheepskin.


This is my homage to the old B Western movies or maybe even the cap gun holsters from the 1950's & 1960's. This was kind of a fun project. The gun is a vintage Colt .22 Frontier Scout revolver with steer head faux ivory grips. The holster is hand tooled with silver spots alternating with ruby jeweled spots, a Ranger Star, and laced with deerskin lace.

I donated this holster to The Boys & Girls Club, Empowering Women benefit for a live auction at their annual fund raising event. It is made of pink ostrich lined with dusty rose suede. It features a limited edition "Fighting Breast Cancer" jeweled overlay on the front. A friend who owns a gun store donated the Bersa .380 caliber automatic pistol. It is their "Fighting Cancer" limited edition.



Here is a variety of holsters for the Browning 1911-22, a .22 caliber 85% version of the 1911 Colt Government .45 ACP Automatic Pistol. The holsters are all made of 8-9 oz oak tanned tooling leather lined with elk skin.


This is the classic Pancake style of holster. It has multiple belt slots to allow it to be worn straight up or canted forward. it lays very close to the body and while not a strict concealed carry style, it is virtually unnoticeable under a light jacket or tail out shirt. The gun is a Smith & Wesson K-Frame Model 19 Combat Magnum with 4" barrel.


This is a variation on the Pancake style shown above. It is called a Mini-Pancake and works equally well for revolvers or automatic pistols. The same holster is shown with a Glock 19 and a Smith & Wesson Model 19. It does not have a retention strap since it is held tightly against the body and allows the gun to be drawn quickly should the need arise. It is unlined although lining wouldn't be a problem. It is one of the most affordable designs I make.



This is another big holster for a big gun, the legendary Smith & Wesson Nickel Plated Model 29 .44 Magnum with an 8 3/8" barrel. The holster is made from heavy oak tanned tooling cowhide and lined with genuine sheepskin. It has a hand tooled S&W logo on the front.


This is a black basketweave crossdraw holster for the Model 29. It hangs on the belt at an extreme angle on the left side so it can be drawn with the right hand. This angle also allows the wearer to sit in a car comfortably. It is lined with golden elk skin.


This is an elk lined basketweave holster for an 1861 Colt Navy Revolver. The gun was originally a black powder, cap & ball, percussion revolver which has been converted to a .38 special metallic cartridge piece. This was a common conversion after The Civil War when the 1873 Colt .45 Peacemaker was introduced.


This holster is made of black buffalo lined with black elk skin. It is fitted to a Glock 19 9mm automatic pistol. It features a spring belt clip that allows easy off and on.

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