What do motorcycles have to do with banjos? Not much I guess. But it has been said that, "In the banjo world, Vega is to Gibson what Indian is to Harley Davidson in the motorcycle world". Indian was the first American motorcycle, pre dating Harley by two years. As popular as Harley was, for some people  nothing but an Indian was acceptable. One of the problems with riding motorcycles is that it is extremely hard to take your banjo along. Of course, it is also hard to take your dog along. The answer to both problems might be a sidecar, but then you might as well be in a car. The Indian motorcycle, like a Vega banjo, is a wonderful part of American history. And like the Vega which has been reborn by The Deering Banjo Co. in Lemon Grove, California, the Indian has been reborn by the Indian Motorcycle Co. of Gilroy, California. Since I have both Vega & Gibson banjos, it is only proper that I have both Indian & Harley Davidson motorcycles. I have include a few photos of the bikes on the web site. Any of you motorcycle riding banjo players ( or banjo playing motorcycle riders) out there drop me a line.

Check out my Indian Chief

Check out the 2000 "Sport Scout"

Check out my Harley Heritage Softail Special




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