Ban Joey is Joe Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys

Joe is the one in the white suit

Here's a photo of Joe with his autographed Osborne Chief banjo and his custom Dogwood strap


Joe has three Dogwood straps. He hasn't been playing the banjo but about three years or so but he seems to be a real convert.

Here is a quote from his website: My friend David Schenck is a wonderful, creative artist who makes custon made instrument straps. He made me some wonderful leather Ban-Joey banjo straps that are very cool. Check him out here (website link)...
Thanks, Joe Bonsall

Click HERE to go to Joe's website

Here are a couple of photos of Joe's Dogwood straps. The first photo shows the neck end of the straps while the second photo shows the adjustable tailpiece end of the straps


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