Some photos of my 

1999 Indian Chief


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1999 Limited Edition #668 of 1100 made

Factory seat with Corbin seat rail adapted to use a Corbin backrest

A view of the seat with the backrest removed showing the welded steel square tube receptacle for the backrest. The seat rail is a stock Corbin rail for a H-D Softail solo seat

Here is the factory pillion adapted to use a stock Corbin backrest. To accomplish this, you have to remove the leather cover and secure a square tube to the base plate. If there is enough interest, I will make a drawing with instructions of what you need to do. By the way, it works really well.

Here is a custom made mud flap with removable Velcro fringe so it can be replaced when it gets ratty looking. The colored welting matches the bike. Front mud flaps are "in the works". Photos will be posted when completed. Please check back.

Another view of the mud flap with a better view of the colored welting between the flap & the fringe.

Here is the custom tank panel. The beadwork is on the flap of the storage pocket. Several designs available. The tank panel even looks better without the pocket ( much cleaner) and still "breaks up" the width of the tank giving the bike a sleeker look.

A really neat billet brake petal which works with your STOCK forward control brake lever.


Also available are billet shifter pads which match the brake petal. They also work with your stock shifter arms. One really nice feature is that they are TOTALLY SMOOTH and rounded on the bottom so they WON'T scratch up the toe of you boot. Also note the dual air horns. Even an idiot with a cell phone stuck in their ear WILL hear these horns.

TECH TIP: The folks at Primo Belt Drives, original equipment manufacturer of Indian primary drives on 1999 & 2000 bikes insist that the louvered inspection plate DOES NOT flow enough air to your belt drive. If you like your stock derby cover and want your belt & clutch to live a longer life, you can obtain chrome spacers and longer chrome socket head bolts, three each ( I got mine at Ace Hardware for about $4.00). The spacers go between the derby cover & the primary. If these units get enough air they are almost indestructible. 

Here is the Chief next to my "Sport Scout". If you would like to see other photos of the Sport Scout, CLICK HERE

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