The Pickin' Strap by Dogwood Designs

The Pickin' Strap is 2" wide instead of the normal banjo width of 1 1/2". It tapers down on the ends of the body to accept regular banjo strap ends. They are available in both adjustable & pro style straps.  You wouldn't think that 1/2" would make much of a difference, but it is amazing how much better it distributes the weight of a heavy bluegrass banjo plus it looks really good. A wide variety of leathers and linings are available.

 Also available for guitars.

Below are some examples of Pickin' Straps I have done:


Anatomy of The Pickin' Strap


A Pickin' Guitar Strap made of faux 'gator lined with elk skin with adjustable cordovan ends.

The faux 'gator was shot in a faux swamp with a faux gun just faux fun!


A group of Pickin' Straps showing the tailpiece and neck ends of the same straps.

These were a stocking order for Banjo.Com


Pickin' Strap with colored hand tooled deer & oak leaf with name


This RealTree Camo leather is extremely heavy, probably 10 - 12 oz. The normal tooling leather is 8 -9 oz.


A variety of leathers & designs on Pickin' Straps. From top: (1) black 'gator, (2) brown 'gator, (3) Real elephant, all lined with elk.

(4) hand tooled oak leaves, (5) banjo neck wit Hearts & Flowers inlay, (6) Banjo with Flying Eagle inlay. 4, 5, & 6 are all oak tanned tooling leather.


This is a hair-on Whitetail Deer Pickin' guitar strap lined with premium golden elk skin. The ends are oak tanned tooling leather in a cordovan finish. The small deer on the tip is hand carved & tooled. The body of the strap is 2" wide while the tips are standard adjustable guitar @ 1 3/4" wide.



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