As a Blue Grass Boy: Rual Yarbrough first played banjo with Bill Monroe in the early 60s, filling in when Bill was between regular banjo players. In 1969 he was hired full-time, replacing Vic Jordan. He played on seven recording sessions, including the original recording of "Walk Softly on my Heart" and about half of the "Uncle Pen" album.

Recording Sessions: 3/26/1969, 4/29/1969, 10/28/1969, 11/25/1969, 12/17/1969, 1/19/1970, 3/26/1970

Before and After: Rual Yarbrough, along with Jake Landers and Herschel Sizemore, formed the Dixie Gentlemen in 1956. They recorded several albums, even while Rual and Jake played occasional gigs with Bill Monroe through the early 60s. Just prior to joining Monroe full time, he played for about a year with Bobby Smith and the Boys from Shiloh. After leaving the Blue Grass Boys, Rual reformed his band, now called the Dixiemen. He worked with this group until the 80s and recorded several more albums.

Rual with his Dogwood Designs

Hearts & Flowers inlay pattern strap


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