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Tom with his personalized Dogwood strap

playing one of his fantastic Nechville banjos


An article about Tom Nechville, the Mad Scientist of Banjo.

For more than 20 years, the unassuming Tom Nechville has led a quiet revolution with a notoriously cranky instrument.

For a banjo maker who built his reputation enabling the renegade wing of bluegrass, it's a pretty traditional venue. But Nechville loves everything about it. And other musicians flock to "the banjo doctor" to repair their cantankerous instruments, listen to him demonstrate the revolutionary Heli-Mount banjo he designed and swap musical ideas, Johnson said.

"Tom's probably the most innovative guy in the world when it comes to building banjos," said David Schenkman, owner of Turtle Hill Banjo Co. in Bryantown, Md., one of the largest dealers in the country. "The sad thing about Tom is just for those very reasons [his Heli-Mount] will never be a household word in the banjo world because it doesn't look like anything Earl Scruggs played."

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