Banjo Strap Styles

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This is the standard, adjustable strap

It will adjust to fit almost anyone

Here is a close up of the neck end and the adjustable tailpiece end of the standard strap.

Note the fancy tip end on the adjustable end, a unique feature of Dogwood straps.


This is a Professional style strap

Both ends are tapered and it is a single piece strap. It is only adjustable by virtue of which tension brackets it is attached to. It has the benefit of being less bulky and easier to roll up in your case. You MUST supply the length you need. The easiest way to determine what length you need is to hold your banjo where you normally play it, and have someone measure around your shoulder from hook to hook where you want to attach the strap. That is the measurement I need to make the strap to the proper length.  As an alternate & even easier way, just measure an existing strap that fits.


The loop tips can attach with standard Chicago screws


or rivets, the backs of which are covered with self adhesive felt dots ensuring "no scratch"


Or, they can be stitched. With either the riveted or stitched styles, you will have to remove the two tension brackets you are attaching them to. With the Chicago screws you do not have to remove the brackets.



This is the Dogwood Ultimate Cradle Strap. It is a single piece strap that encircles the pot and attaches by tying to itself with leather thongs.


Some folks believe a cradle strap distributes the weight of the banjo better and puts less stress on the hooks since you don't attach it directly to the hooks.


Other folks believe that it doesn't lessen the perceived weight at all and has the additional disadvantage  of muting or dampening the tone of the banjo since it contacts the tone ring & wood rim for over half its circumference.


You will have to make your own determination as to whether a cradle style strap is right for you & your banjo. I personally do not use a cradle strap but I do make them for those who want them.


This shows both ends of the Dogwood Ultimate Cradle Strap. Both ends are the same with six sets of double holes.


A close up view of the tips with the leather thong




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