Banjo Straps

"Dogwood Designs makes the finest banjo straps in the world . . . period!" That was a comment by Sonny Osborne on Jan. 31, 2000.  We really appreciate Sonny's comments & his faith in us to make all the straps for his super Osborne Chief banjo. No one has a wider selection of styles or tooling designs than Dogwood Designs. Where else could you get a strap with the inlay pattern of the Orpheum No. 3 tooled into it? Or the inlay pattern of the Vega Whyte Laydie No. 7.

Whatever you are looking for in a banjo strap, we probably have it. If we don't, we can probably make it for you. If you want your name, your bands name, or even your dog's name, no problem. We can do it.

Below are some of the sample strips showing a small selection of our strap styles.

To learn the anatomy of a banjo strap, click here

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strap_strips-1.jpg (38968 bytes)From left to right: Granada neck, Deering Vega, various pegheads, Stelling Bill Emerson signature, Bill Keith signature, Stelling Red Fox & Virginian, Ome


strap_strip-2.jpg (42166 bytes) From left to right Huber style, Tree of Life, S.S. Stewart Fretless, Vega Whyte Laydie, Fairbanks Special

strap_strip-3.jpg (42706 bytes) From left to right: Blackberry Blossom (two different shadings), Oak leaf & Acorn ( two different shadings)

strap_strip-4.jpg (46342 bytes) From left to right: Vega Peace Banjo, Flying Eagle, Generic Banjo, Hearts & Flowers, Tennessee Banjo