Greg Deering

Founder & Owner of Deering Banjo Co., Greg is responsible for rescuing the revered "Vega" name from the Korean Galaxy Trading Co. In Addition to his regular fine quality banjos, Vega's are once again being made on American Soil in Lemon Grove, California. Although it's a long way from Boston, We should all applaud Greg's patriotic efforts on behalf of all old time banjo lovers.

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Greg with one of his Vega No. 2 banjos made in Lemon Grove, California. It uses the original type of bracket band so the bracket shoe bolts do not go through the rim. It also has a beautiful peghead inlay in the tradition of the old Vega Professional model. Of course a hand tooled Dogwood Designs leather strap provides the finishing touch.

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Close up of the Deering Vega strap