Jim Pankey

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Jim is an exceptional banjo player from the mountains of North Georgia. I've heard that as an infant, he was dropped on his head. Several days later, after he was released from the hospital, he picked up a five string banjo and picked out Shuckin' The Corn. He's been pickin' ever since

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You'll have to drag out your Purple Rain album just to see if there really was a banjo player in the window just above 'what's his names" head ( you'll have to click on the photo to enlarge it). Yes, that would be Wild Jimbo . . . "The banjo player formally known as . . ."


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Jim with his Rolls Royce that he traded even for a pre war Gibson. That was just before his wife threw him out of the house. According to Jim, "The garage isn't really a bad place to live, particularly since the car's not in there anymore."


 The next generation of " Pankey Pickers ", Samuel, is already working on "that half barbaric twang". Who knows, he may be the next Ryan Holladay. And like Ryan, he has his very own Dogwood Designs personalized strap.


Here is Samuel's strap. It is English tooling leather lined with deer tanned cowhide, very soft & supple.


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