Mark Johnson

Mark is a revolutionary banjo player. His unique style is called "Clawgrass", a marriage of clawhammer & bluegrass that has wonderful melodic overtones. If you haven't already done so, you need to discover this exciting Artist.



Mark with his custom Deering Ivanhoe and signature Dogwood strap tooled with the "Chubby Dragon", Mark's signature, the Deering logo and lined in chocolate elk skin

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Mark at the Maryland Banjo Academy 1998 playing a 1930 Vega Vegaphone No. 9 with a Dogwood Designs Vega design strap in natural finish.

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At IBMA 1999 with his gorgeous Chubby Dragon Vega with a matching Dogwood Designs strap finished in cordovan with the Chubby Dragon tooled into it. The strap is lined with genuine elk skin. This strap was stolen backstage at a concert, so if anyone sees it, it ain't the persons that is using it!

If you don't have Mark's CD's , get them!

Mark & Emory Lester's new CD, Acoustic Rising.

Another Great One!


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