If you are a frequent or recent visitor to this site, you may notice that the prices have increased. I have not had a price increase in 11 years even though my materials have increased time and time again. I regret having to do this but quality never comes cheap.

Update: Oct. 20, 2014 - Once again I have to regrettably raise prices due to increases in leather (particularly leather, THANKS EPA) ,tools, dyes, finishes, & hardware prices. I guess everything has increased (gas, groceries, medical care & everything else), but it still disturbs me to have to also do so .


Due to increases by the US Postal Service, my Priority Mail shipping has increased slightly (see below).



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Banjo Straps

adjustable to fit most anyone

Most banjo straps are priced at $79.95. This would include your choice of standard designs (of which there are hundreds), your name or initials if you want, and choice of color. These are fully adjustable straps made from the finest oak tanned 8-10 oz. tooling leather.

This shows the ends of the adjustable strap

 Professional, single length straps

Professional (one piece) straps are priced at $79.95. You have a choice of Chicago screws OR riveted ends. The riveted ends require you to remove two hooks (tension brackets) in order to attach.

This shows the Professional strap And the ends attached with rivets. The back of the rivets are covered with felt so there is no possibility of scratching your banjo

Professional straps with stitched ends are priced at $79.95. Stitched ends ends require you to remove two hooks (tension brackets) in order to attach. Stitched ends are not available on adjustable straps, only on one piece straps.

This shows the stitched ends. They are hand stitched with waxed linen thread. Very strong.

Pickin' Straps


Pro style with stitched ends


The Pickin' Strap is 2" wide instead of the normal banjo width of 1 1/2". It tapers down on the ends of the body to accept regular banjo strap ends. They are available in both adjustable & pro style straps.  You wouldn't think that 1/2" would make much of a difference, but it is amazing how much better it distributes the weight of a heavy bluegrass banjo plus it looks really good. A wide variety of leathers and linings are available.

 Also available for guitars.

 Cradle Straps

due to limitations of making cradle straps, please call and discuss your requirements

Cradle straps are priced at $114.95.

This shows the ends of the Ultimate Cradle strap. Each end has six sets of double holes for maximum adjustability.


Ultra Custom Straps

We also make elk skin lined straps. These have two layers. The top layer is 3-4 oz. English tooling leather lined with elk skin. The layers are laminated and stitched. These straps are adjustable only by moving to different hooks as they are a custom made single length strap (see the 'anatomy of a banjo strap' page). They can be tooled & personalized up to a point. The top leather is not heavy enough to tool very deeply. If interested, please call or email for details. These straps start at $150.00. Most "exotic" leather straps will cost about $180.00 to $300.00. This is for the more exotic leather such as buffalo lined with elk, moose lined with deer, shark lined with elk or moose, plus many other combinations. Due to the rarity of these premium hides, not all combinations are available at all times. My inventory  of these leathers change constantly. Call if interested.   They are the ones usually used by professionals such as Sonny Osborne, Steve Martin, Mark Johnson, Bill Keith, Kenny Ingram, Darrin Vincent, Jamie Dailey & many others. They are extremely soft and pliable. Below are two custom straps. The one on the left is Hornback Gator lined with elk with harness leather ends. The one on the right is Steve Martin's strap. It is buffalo lined with elk skin with harness leather ends. The neck end has a Kel Kroydon KK-10 peghead  tooled into it. I currently have a VERY small number of genuine elephant straps lined with premium elk skin. The elephant is a honey chestnut color. Available in either banjo or guitar. They're expensive but the elephant thinks I'm selling them too cheap! Inquire if interested.


The elephant strap is pictured below, third from top.

Custom tooling designs can be accomplished at a very reasonable cost. Inquire.

Guitar Straps

Guitar straps are fully adjustable and are normally 1 3/4" wide. They are $89.95 with any standard design. Made of the same leather as the banjo straps.

Standard adjustable guitar strap.

Dobro Straps

Dobro straps are adjustable and 2 1/2" wide. They usually run $129.95. Same leather as banjo & guitar straps just a lot more of it.

Mandolin Straps

Most any style & design mandolin strap can be accomplished. I am working on a standard style which should cost $49.95. Inquire with your requirements.

Shipping is by Priority Mail and usually runs $7.00 for one strap, $8.00 for two straps, & $9.00 for three straps.