Tooling Designs

These design images are of our design s tooled into leather. Due to the limitations of my digital camera, they do not appear as sharp or detailed as they actually are. Also bear in mind that these are tooled into natural colored leather. When the leather is dyed, it enhances the tooling greatly. Examples of dyed items may be seen in other sections of the online catalog such as 'banjo straps' and 'other products'. Those pages also contain many more designs that are not pictured on these cards.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that some of these tooling designs are copyrighted and may not be generally available through anyone but the copyright owner. These are custom designs which I have done for various manufacturers, dealers, music stores, etc.

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           peghead_card-1.jpg (54338 bytes)                   vega_card.jpg (21983 bytes)                 peghead_card-2.jpg (58251 bytes) 

           Peghead Card #1                   Vega Card                        Peghead Card #2


           small_neck_card.jpg (28754 bytes)                     gibson_card.jpg (26720 bytes)               large_neck_card.jpg (21768 bytes)

           Small Neck Card                     Gibson Card                   Large Neck Card